This post was inspired by this blog post from The Watson Seven.
"Woke has become the biggest buzz word in culture today. But what does it actually mean? It seems everyone fired up over the word, but no one can seem to define it.
This is only my opinion but here’s what I think it should mean, despite what the political pundits say.
“Woke” should only mean being aware and acknowledging that there are in fact systematic injustices and trying to do something about them. Woke, as I learned from the blog post linked above, is not a new word. It was first used hundreds of years ago to call out systematic injustices, which we should do. Here are some that are personal to me:
People with intellectual/ developmental disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate five to seven times the national average.
The Americans with disabilities act has yet to be updated to keep up with the new models of power chairs or the advent of the internet.
The lack of accessible public transportation for people with disabilities.
As one of my college professors put it “woke” simply means opening our eyes to the world around us, which is something that people on both sides increasingly refuse to do. In this current cultural war, may we use the word “woke” correctly and be a voice of reason.