Resilience Beyond the Strokes: Angie Read's Quest for Recovery

Resilience Beyond the Strokes: Angie Read's Quest for Recovery

### The Resilience of Angie Read: A Journey Beyond Stroke Survival

In an emotional and inspiring episode of the "Wheel With It" podcast, host Devon Wieters sits down with Angie Read, a remarkable two-time stroke survivor, who shares her incredible journey of recovery, mental health challenges, and ultimate resilience. Angie’s story is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving against the odds and finding new purpose in the wake of life-altering adversity.

#### Surviving the Unexpected

At the age of 46 and 47, Angie experienced two strokes that blindsided her, derailing a successful career in corporate communications and PR. Despite being in the prime of her career and health, Angie woke up one morning unable to get out of bed, marking the beginning of a life-changing crisis. Her strokes led to emergency surgeries to remove brain clots, a challenging physical recovery, and the unexpected battles with post-stroke anxiety and depression.

Angie's openness about her struggle, especially the terrifying night she contemplated taking her own life, shines a light on the profound mental and physical pain that stroke survivors can experience. Her journey is a powerful testimony to the silent and often overlooked aspect of stroke recovery - mental health.

#### The Road to Recovery

Angie’s story is also one of hope and resilience. Despite the initial bleak prognosis, her road to recovery was marked by rapid physical healing, thanks to the immediate and decisive action taken by her husband and medical professionals. Rehabilitation was tough but fruitful, involving intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Angie’s detailed discussion of her rehab process provides a beacon of hope for those in similar situations, emphasizing the importance of quick medical intervention and dedicated rehabilitation.

Her battle didn't end with physical recovery. Angie had to confront and manage post-stroke anxiety and depression, conditions that affect up to 50% of stroke survivors yet are rarely discussed. Angie’s courage in seeking help, including hospitalization and an intensive outpatient program, highlights the critical need for mental health support following a stroke.

#### Finding New Purpose

One of the most compelling aspects of Angie's journey is her transformation following her stroke. Faced with a new reality, she embarked on a path to rediscovery and purpose. Writing became a therapeutic outlet and a way to reach others going through similar experiences. Angie has since published four books, including "Rise: Mastering the Art of Resilience," sharing her insights on overcoming adversity and embracing resilience.

Angie’s passion extended beyond writing, as she became a certified life coach, focusing on helping female stroke survivors rebuild their confidence and find a new sense of purpose. Her proactive approach to forming a supportive community for stroke survivors underscores the power of connection and mutual support in overcoming the challenges of post-stroke life.

#### Legacy of Strength and Hope

Angie Read's story, as shared with Devon Wieters on "Wheel With It," is more than just a survivor's tale; it's a powerful narrative that underscores the importance of mental health awareness, the strength found in vulnerability, and the unbreakable human spirit. Her journey offers vital lessons on resilience, the significance of seeking help, and the value of finding new purpose in life’s unexpected turns.

As Angie continues to inspire through her books, coaching, and advocacy, her legacy promises to impact the lives of many, reminding us all that even in our darkest moments, there is hope, there is help, and most importantly, there is a path forward


00:00 Surviving Strokes: A Personal Journey
00:39 Introducing the Podcast Episode
00:44 Angie's Story: Overcoming Strokes and Mental Health Challenges
03:09 The Dark Night: Contemplating Life and Legacy
06:08 Unraveling the Mystery: What Caused the Stroke?
07:35 The Road to Recovery: Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
10:41 Facing Post-Stroke Anxiety and Depression
15:05 Seeking Help: The Inpatient Experience
19:51 Finding the Right Medication: A Trial and Error Process
20:47 Navigating Medication and Mental Health Post-Stroke
21:47 The Journey to Finding the Right Medication
22:56 Beyond Medication: The Role of Resilience and Mindset
23:22 Introducing 'Rise: Mastering the Art of Resilience'
25:03 The Importance of Journaling and Mental Health Hacks
31:25 Exploring the Power of Music in Healing
33:39 A Tribute to Prince and the Power of Music
37:02 Empowering Stroke Survivors Through Coaching
38:36 Legacy Life Coaching: A New Beginning
39:51 Closing Thoughts and Resources