Hot take here: Our social media obsession is not the only reason our country has a mental health crisis. Yes, that is a major contributor, but that's not the only reason. Allow me to tell you a short story. I was recently looking for a counselor. This one place I called seemed perfect. They were close by, took my insurance, and could get me in quickly. Then the woman on the other end of the phone dropped a bombshell when she said, "We do have an enrollment fee of 90 dollars a month. Is that something you can afford? " (Insurance didn't cover the "enrollment fee", by the way) Short answer: NOPE. Needless to say, I won't be going to that place. They called themselves a "premium practice. " When I hung up the phone I thought, "Is a 'premium practice' where all the rich people go to complain about how rich they are?" Moral of the story: If we're going to get a handle on this mental health crisis, we need to make therapy affordable. I'm not saying that it should be free. Therapists need to make a living too. But this exorbitant overcharging has to stop.