"Unleashing Entrepreneurial Superpowers: An Inspiring Journey with Gregory Shepard".
Wheel with It PodcastJanuary 08, 202400:14:41

"Unleashing Entrepreneurial Superpowers: An Inspiring Journey with Gregory Shepard".

Join us for an inspiring interview with Gregory Shepard, a true entrepreneur who defies all odds. In this episode, Gregory shares his personal journey, from growing up in a challenging environment to building and selling multiple businesses. Discover how he overcame obstacles such as autism and dyslexia to achieve remarkable success. Gregory's unique insights on entrepreneurship and inclusivity will leave you motivated and empowered. Don't miss this chance to learn from someone who proves that anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of personal circumstances. Tune in now!
Connect with Gregory
Connect with Devon/ the show:
00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
01:00 Guest Background and Early Life
02:00 Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements
02:14 Venture into Politics and Advocacy
03:06 Challenges and Adventures
05:42 Discussion on Neurodivergence and Entrepreneurship
11:01 Experience with President Obama
12:50 Host's Journey to Podcasting
14:10 Closing Remarks and Goodbyes
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