Toby Mildon On How Diversity And Inclusion Can Create A Stronger Workplace
Wheel with It PodcastNovember 06, 202300:19:59

Toby Mildon On How Diversity And Inclusion Can Create A Stronger Workplace

In this episode, Toby Mildon joins us to talk about how diversity and inclusion can create a stronger workplace
About Toby:
Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect who is passionate about creating diverse workplaces and cultures that are inclusive. He has helped some of the UK's largest companies, including the BBC, Deloitte, Sony, and HarperCollins Publishing, improve staff retention, brand innovation, productivity, and performance. Toby's lifelong passion for Diversity and Inclusion stems from his personal and professional experiences with inequality, and his belief that building a culture of inclusive growth is essential for organizational success.

Toby's Inclusive Growth Culture Program helps businesses implement real change and avoid shallow and superficial diversity initiatives. If a company has more than 250 employees, or is intending to grow to this size, Toby is the right person to help drive the business forward and achieve new heights. He speaks passionately about how moving beyond superficial diversity initiatives and building a culture of inclusive growth is essential. It addresses the underlying issues of inequality and creates a sustainable framework for continued growth and success.

Toby's book, Inclusive Growth: Future-proof your business by creating a diverse workplace, provides a practical framework that enables you to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace that allows your organisation to grow. The book helps you understand how to strategically align diversity and inclusion to organisational growth, change the culture and motivate senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’ for inclusivity, design and implement a sustainable inclusivity infrastructure, work as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation, and celebrate your inclusivity to become an employer of choice in your industry.

According to Hatem El-Hady, MD The Aspen Institute, "Toby demonstrated distinguished leadership and project/change management and stellar consulting skills. I wish him well as he continues to advance his career, and would be happy to serve as a reference to him as and when required." Toby's passion for diversity and inclusion, combined with his expertise and experience, make him an ideal speaker for any conference event focused on diversity, inclusion, leadership, HR heads, employee retention, employee engagement, employer branding, equality, and strategy.
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