Survivor 43 Winner Mike Gabler on His Passion for Veterans, His Survivor Experience
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Survivor 43 Winner Mike Gabler on His Passion for Veterans, His Survivor Experience

Guys! I can't believe this! In this episode, Survivor 43 winner Mike Gabler joins us to talk about his passion for veterans, his Survivor experience, and more!

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1. Gabler is from Texas.

Mike is from Houston, Texas. But his current residence is Meridian, Idaho. He spends a lot of time outdoors which he documents on his Instagram.

2. Gabler is a heart valve specialist.

Mike works as an aneurysm and trans-catheter heart valve specialist. He works at Edwards Lifesciences, which is a medical technology company. “I play a role on a heart team, working with top surgeons and top cardiologists,” he told Parade about his job. Mike also explained that there are “high-pressure situations” that occur at work which he thinks could help him navigate Survivor.

3. Gabler is married with two children.

Mike has two daughters with his wife. The entire family has been Survivor fans for a long time. “We’re one of those families that watches with the pause button,” he told Parade. “So when something big is about to happen or drop, we’ll hit pause, we kind of queue the room. I’ll ask my two daughters and my wife what they think. We all make our best guess. And then we hit play.”

4. Gabler was the oldest contestant on ‘Survivor 43’.

At 52 years old, Mike is the oldest contestant on Survivor 43. The second-oldest contestant is 43-year-old Nneka Ejere, who is on a different tribe than Mike. By comparison, the youngest contestant on the season was Mike’s Baka tribemate, 19-year-old Sami Layadi. Mike is now the second oldest player to win Survivor.

5. Gabler grew up in a military family

Mike’s father was a Green Beret. Gabler played Survivor in honor of veterans who are suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. After the final tribal council, he announced that he’d be donating his $1 million to people who fought for our country like his family members

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