Resilience Beyond the Strokes: Angie Read's Quest for Recovery
Wheel with It PodcastMay 20, 202400:41:20

Resilience Beyond the Strokes: Angie Read's Quest for Recovery

Angie Read shares her poignant experiences of surviving strokes, facing post-stroke challenges such as anxiety and depression, and ultimately finding resilience through personal growth and helping others. From overcoming mental health struggles to discovering new purposes, these stories inspire audiences to embrace recovery and transformation after adversity
00:00 Surviving Strokes: A Personal Journey
00:39 Introducing the Podcast Episode
00:44 Angie's Story: Overcoming Strokes and Mental Health Challenges
03:09 The Dark Night: Contemplating Life and Legacy
06:08 Unraveling the Mystery: What Caused the Stroke?
07:35 The Road to Recovery: Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
10:41 Facing Post-Stroke Anxiety and Depression
15:05 Seeking Help: The Inpatient Experience
19:51 Finding the Right Medication: A Trial and Error Process
20:47 Navigating Medication and Mental Health Post-Stroke
21:47 The Journey to Finding the Right Medication
22:56 Beyond Medication: The Role of Resilience and Mindset
23:22 Introducing 'Rise: Mastering the Art of Resilience'
25:03 The Importance of Journaling and Mental Health Hacks
31:25 Exploring the Power of Music in Healing
33:39 A Tribute to Prince and the Power of Music
37:02 Empowering Stroke Survivors Through Coaching
38:36 Legacy Life Coaching: A New Beginning
39:51 Closing Thoughts and Resources
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