Intersectionality w/ Chris Angel Murphy
Wheel with It PodcastJune 08, 202300:39:06

Intersectionality w/ Chris Angel Murphy

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In this interview, Chris Angel shared their experiences as a neurodivergent and queer individual, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's own sensory needs and articulating them to others. They discussed their entrepreneurship journey and the challenges of balancing administrative tasks with their neurodivergence, preferring self-diagnosis over formal diagnosis due to concerns about discrimination. Chris also talked about their podcast, Allyship is a Verb, which aims to equip people with the tools to practice allyship and emphasized the need for accessibility in all its forms, not just physical mobility. They closed the interview by discussing the importance of accommodation for people with different needs in buildings and workplaces.

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0:00 Intro/ Intersection of LGBTQ+ and disabled identities
05:00 self vs. formal diagnosis
10:00 autism masking vs. not
15:00 self-advocacy
20:00 Allyship is a verb podcast