Exploring Ancient Wisdom and Holistic Wellness with Angell Deer
Wheel with It PodcastApril 08, 202400:26:04

Exploring Ancient Wisdom and Holistic Wellness with Angell Deer

Angell Deer, a wellness holistic practitioner and shamanic teacher, discussing his journey studying ancient wisdom and helping people reconnect with their purpose and achieve holistic wellness. He shares success stories, talks about the importance of sacred spaces, integration of spirituality in leadership, and misconceptions about holistic wellness
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00:00 Meet Angell Deer: A Journey into Holistic Wellness and Shamanism
00:59 Introduction to the 'Wheel With It' Podcast Episode
04:48 Angell Deer's Path: From Corporate CEO to Shamanic Teacher
06:43 Exploring Ancient Wisdom Across the Globe
09:02 Creating Sacred Spaces in Everyday Life
11:16 The Relevance of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Society
14:17 Integrating Spirituality into Leadership and Corporate Careers
17:20 Addressing Modern Challenges: Phone Addiction and Maintaining Sacredness
21:40 Debunking Misconceptions About Spirituality and Holistic Wellness
24:17 Concluding Thoughts and Where to Start with Ancient Teachings
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