Emmy Brown from love4louie on raising a child with a disability
Wheel with It PodcastMay 04, 202300:33:55

Emmy Brown from love4louie on raising a child with a disability

Today we have a mom from one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Emmy Brown from love4louie, on the show to talk about what it's like raising a child with special needs.
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00:00:00 In this section, Emmy Brown, the mother of Louie, discusses the challenges she and her husband experienced when they decided to amputate his legs. They were in shock and were struggling to cope with the fact that their son would have to live with many challenges. They are grateful for the resources they have, including the Amputee World community and the doctors they consulted.
00:05:00 In this section, Emmy describes how they came to be a part of the disability community, and how their son, Louie, has faced many challenges but has always bounced back. They tell the story of Louie walking with his running blades for the first time, and how their network of friends has kept up with the updates of their son.
00:10:00 In this section, Emmy discusses the origins and importance of the Jordan Thomas Foundation, which provides prosthetic limbs to children in need. They also describe how the foundation has partnered with the clinic in Orlando and how children in the organization receive prosthetic limbs.

00:20:00 In this section, Emmy how Louie has changed the trajectory of a young couple's life. They share their story with a woman who was also struggling with her child with a disability. The couple is successful in helping others through their story and their children.
00:25:00 In this section, Emmy Brown from love4louie shares her experiences raising a child with a disability. Brown shares that she and her husband Louie have had to manage a lot during their son's medical situation, such as dealing with depression and anxiety. Brown describes how their family has had to rely on faith to keep them going during difficult times. Brown discusses how their son has made a lot of progress since he was first diagnosed with a limb difference, and how his family is constantly reminded of how blessed they are to have Louie healthy and thriving.
00:30:00 In this section, the speaker describes how they and their son Louie have been able to successfully use prosthetics and other assistive technology to improve his life. They mention that the cost of these things can be expensive, but the benefits are worth it. Devon also recommends looking into BraunAbility and Mobility Works to help with his car accommodations.